1 April 2012

Work stops as Viking artefacts discovered

In a dramatic overnight move the Authorities slapped a banning order on the allotments site pending detailed research on objects dug up yesterday and thought to date from the reign of the Viking king Airdeconut around AD900.

Just a small part of the hoard.Given an initial clean in the bath before the experts take over.

Early predictions suggest that the value of the finds could exceed that of the 201 piece silver hoard discovered near Silverdale in September last year.
We understand that Time Team are being brought in to carry out a dig and we can only wish Tony,Phil,Mick and the rest of the team the best of luck in their exploits.

Who knows, it may all turn out to have been a fool's errand.

1 comment:

Rooko said...

I expect the Time Team will get down to the "NUTS & BOLTS" of things??

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