22 April 2012

First dig over completed

I've now dug over the whole plot!
The top half was forked over and then dug with the azada (twice )before Easter ready for sowing.This week between the showers I've forked right the way down to the bottom end. Each metre strip across has produced about a trug of roots and tub of stones. Found quite a mix between the fairly wet clay running down towards the corner with plot 2 and other more workable pockets of soil.Originally I'd planned to get three quarters of the way down the plot by mid May and then do the rest as and when, but my pace quicken the nearer I got to the finishing line.

Some photos of the newly dug over plot 1

The rain and slightly warmer temperatures have produced some shoots from the first sowings.

Garlic planted on Easter Saturday

Nabo rabe broccoli sown only a week ago

Here's a few more shots of the site.You can see that everyone has been busy.


I even got next door chickens to pose for a decent photo.

Kath told me that I'd had visitors to my plot yesterday.Turns out that it was my friends Philip and Patricia who took a photo of their visit as evidence (It's Philip's caption not mine)

Woman stealing wheelbarrow stopped in her tracks
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