3 April 2012

Plots marked out and planting begun

Following our notice in the "Over Kellet View" we've found another person (Christine) from the village who's keen on taking a plot.So we are now settled on 7 plots and these were marked out on Sunday.

The running order from mine at the far end is:
Plot 1 - me
Plot 2 - Alison & Martin
Plot 3 - Helen
Plot 4 - Kath
Plot 5 - Christine
Plot 6 - Stephen
Plot 7 - Andy

There's been a lot of activity in the last couple of days since the actual plots were defined.
The first crop was planted out by Kath on Sunday 1st April.

Kath planting out some home started garlic
My plot neighbours Alison,Martin and son Thomas hard at work

Andy brings in the heavy machinery after much hand forking and raking

I took some more photos of my plot yesterday for the record.
I'll probably keep the builders tape round it while the initial digging takes place but will then upgrade to something a bit better looking.

Section of heavy clay doubling as a service area

My plot is nicely positioned next to the fields

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